"Turning a stream of thoughts into meaningful screen stories is something that comes naturally…
It is part of a creative process where the imagination comes alive in terms of design, concept, and a never ending...in order to give more life to the narrative.

My big inspiration? Life itself and ourselves the characters!"

Self taught and inspirational Latino Content Creator. Pepa has been writing since she was 10 years old as the best way to escape from an unexpected and unpleasant childhood event.

A few years passed without taking a pencil to paper, she decided to dedicate her career to Business Engineering. But always with the feeling in her soul like if something was missing.

She maintained her connection with art as a hobby through acting, creative writing, jazz as a transformational therapy, etc. But it had not been until one year ago that she decided to listen this passion that dwells in her innerself.

The stories that she creates seeks to provoke social impact and the wish to transform either the world or the characters themselves.

Comedy or drama in somehow shows the life in a very particular vision, as she has been learning from her own spiritual path based on years of ups and downs, but above all a conscious and subconscious inner work.

The writing style she produces is largely under the premise that as humanity; Yes! we are good people! We just need to clean our glasses to see life in a different light.